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"The Third Arm"

Robotic Ultrasound System Patient End

Robotic Ultrasound System MGIUS-R3 

The most accessible quality medical care

Main features

Remote adjustment of parameters in real time

Precise Probe Control

Intelligent audiovisual interaction system

Real-time ultrasound imaging

Stable network connection: starting from 20Mbps


Information Security Guaranteed

Excellent image performance

Fundamental technologies

Robotic Arm Executive System with

Six degrees of freedom

The flexible robotic arm mimics the scanning capabilities of an expert

Control of  maximum force limit and double protection of the emergency stop button

Maximum arm opening 850 mm

Positioning accuracy

of the system 0.1 mm


Force sensitivity 0.1 N

Characteristics of the Robot

Expert remote diagnosis, accurate synchronization of diagnosis methods in real time

Flexible robotic arm adaptive scanning. Greater protection from gravity

Real-time audio-visual interaction system, efficient communication between doctors and patients


Adaptive body curve algorithm 

Adapts the natural movement of the patient's skin surface 

Ultra precise and accurate control 

Force sensitivity 0.1N | Movement accuracy 0.1 mm 

Free angle floating arm 

With more than 6 degrees of rotation (spinning)

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