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For further details and information, consult the individual course sheets.

The basic ultrasound course provides general practitioners with the tools to carry out easy ultrasound diagnostics in a practical context.

The Vascular Doppler Echo Course provides the elements to use color Doppler ultrasound for the first time in the identification of vascular pathologies in both the arterial and venous areas.

The courses are available individually or in combination with the promotion*.

*Provision of the free in-person course, combined with the purchase of a Basel Plus probe: the necessary and sufficient condition for the provision of the chosen course is the achievement of the minimum number of 3 participants. The date of the Course will then be established accordingly.


Pavia - Sassuolo


Basel Plus Ultrasound Courses

The use of these innovative, portable and pocket-sized tools (Tool in the Pocket) that can be used anywhere is now possible even for those who are not yet familiar with these new technologies, thanks to the BASEL PLUS courses includingThe basic ultrasound course and the level I eco-colour-doppler course, developed by a team of expert doctors, carried out in person, with practical ultrasound applications.

The Courses are available individually or in combination with the Promo.

Area of courses organized directly by Basel Plus

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 Partner Basel Plus courses.

We have entered into partnerships with leading online and in-person course delivery facilities. You can directly select the course you are interested in or contact us for assistance.

A new ultrasound competence to supplement the clinical-anamnestic evaluation which translates into efficiency, reduction of waiting lists and greater comfort for the patient.

The specific skill areas of the course sets are divided for each medical specialty and can be acquired both in person and also thanks to the use of simulation.

At the end of the Basel Plus Courses you will have the knowledge necessary to integrate ultrasound into your daily medical practice.

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Basel Plus courses:
ultrasound in your daily medical practice.

Basel Plus is always looking for new, updated and innovative knowledge in the area of diagnostic imaging with participation in meetings, conferences and with production of newsletters useful for training, to create together with you a set of skills andexperiences necessary to carry out your ultrasound diagnosis.

Basel Plus has created a network in partnership to respond to the request of different organizations and doctors to perfect their skills in ultrasound practice with courses specialist training.

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