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Technology for Ultrasound

A new generation of ultrasound probes

Wireless Portable

We research, develop and implement ultrasound devices with a new vision of integration between digital innovation and health

What do we do

Latest generation portable pocket wireless ultrasound probes

Digital innovation in medical diagnostics

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What are our distinctive features

Research & Digital Innovation

The continuous research carried out nationally and internationally for the development of our latest generation products


Software development

Our Mission

Research and Development

& marketing

Our mission is to research, develop and market advanced technology wireless ultrasound medical devices to create a difference and a new digital diagnostic model for healthcare professionals and patient comfort.

We are looking for the latest technology to offer doctors to operate with our equipment, the most advanced in the sector, developed thanks to the continuous collaboration and experimentation of our scientific committee constantly working with our software developers.

Our leading technology, the excellent synergy between the quality of the product associated with the assistance service provided to our customers, have meant that our company has had a remarkable expansion in all fields of application of medical ultrasound diagnostics.

Our Vision

Less stethoscope

MORE Ultrasonography

Our maxim and our goal is for a new medical diagnostics "Less stethoscope + More ultrasound", we are committed to spreading a new concept of medical examination through our ultrasound devices to bring the best results for all patients and doctors who will adopt.

Projects & Future

We plan the future of

Digital Medical Diagnostics

The US.IM PLATFORM is the open source platform for sharing ultrasound images

"Screen Show" available to all medical specialties

The innovative BASEL PLUS technology

The future of diagnostics

The best ultrasound probes

for your diagnoses

The fields of application of the Basel Plus probes include all branches of medicine

Discover the complete range

Latest generation pocket wireless

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